App Store Optimization

Your app may deserve 10 million downloads, but if your app is not coming up on the app search page then, how will you get the installs? Logic right? 48% of apps are discovered by app store searches. So, it is always necessary to rank top on the search page. How to rank the app, you ask? Here comes the ASO, App Store Optimization.

App Store Optimization

What is App Store Optimization?

App Store Optimization is also known as Mobile SEO, App Marketing. The ultimate goal of ASO is to increase the ranking of the app for particular keywords in the app stores like Google Play store, Apple iTunes and from there to generate a good number of downloads. App Store Optimization goals may also include, Brand awareness, and user engagement.

Key ingredients to ASO success

  • Title
  • Keywords
  • Icon
  • Description
  • Ratings and Reviews
  • App trailer
  • Screenshots
  • Downloads
  • Update Frequency

Title: The title always should be with the core keywords that describe your app. Having a keyword in your app title increases the app ranking to that particular keyword by 10.9%. It is always important to keep your title neat and short.

Keywords: To improve the app ranking, you need to know which keywords are relevant to your app. Always focus on the long-tail keywords. Consistently track your keywords and analyze where your competitors are ranking for the keyword week by week.

Icon: Icons may not impact directly on search results but it drives installs. The icon is one of the important factors in ASO. App’s visual icon is the first impression customers will have of yours. It’s important to make it count!

Description:  It’s important to include keywords in the description in natural and sensible sentences. Google play store allows you to use emojis and bullet points. Use these features and write a good description that encourages your customer to get the app. According to a research, only 5% of Google play store users and only 2% of Apple users click to read more. So it is very important to convey your message to the customers with a short description.

Ratings and Reviews: We need to be little frank that no one is going to trust your brand or app by seeing your icon or how cool is your app name or brand name is, unless and until your app have real reviews by real users. Rating and Reviews plays a major role in ASO game. Since app stores’ want to show people with good rated apps, its high time for you to concentrate on getting good reviews and ratings. Find a perfect time and ask your user to give a review on the app store. The catch is to get positive reviews from a satisfied user and get the feedback directly to us from an unsatisfied user. Consider replying to all the comments that you get on the app.

App Trailer: Yah! I agree that making a video for your app demands more money and more time. But, what if I say you that a video trailer can increase chances of installs by 23%? Yes, some research suggests that the increase in install rate is up by 23% when compared to no video trailer apps.

Screenshots: Like Icons, even screenshots will not impact on search results but it gives the user a better understanding what your app actually looks like. IOS supports up to 5 screenshots, whereas Google play store let you upload 8 screenshots. Only 2 to 3 images will be shown in the gallery on page load, it is advised to take special care on these screenshots that it will speak to biggest user benefits from the app.

Downloads: Your number of downloads is extremely important to rank the app on top. Search engines prefer to show the apps which got a good number of downloads than the app which has no downloads. So we need to focus on the paid campaigns that drive downloads. Since ASO is all about organic way to rank the apps, we will discuss the paid campaigns in coming articles.

Update Frequency: Releasing updates frequently has many benefits. It increases loyalty and whenever a user comes to My Apps page in the app store, your app will be on top of the updated apps. Google and Apple also think that you are committed to the app and fixing the bugs by giving updates.

Soo… what’s next?: If you are here, then I must congratulate you on learning how to rank app organically. I understand that App Store Optimization takes a lot of time, but trust me, spending the time to rank your app on search page will get you unbelievable installs. A successful ASO requires a keen eye, keyword research, competitor analysis. With this effort, you can create an app that gets found, downloaded and make you successful.

App Store Optimization

See you on top of search results.


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